Katy Texas residents consider the city to be divided into "Old Katy" (or Katy Proper) and "Katy Area". Old Katy is considered the actual City of Katy and sits mostly north of Interstate I-10.
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Katy Texas Demographics: 77449

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 Census

Total 2000 population: 38,714
Projected 2006 population: 45,516
Projected population increase 2006: 17.57%
Ethnicity - White: 28,250
Ethnicity -Black: 3,348
Ethnicity - American Indian: 140
Ethicity - Asian: 1,462
Ethnicity - Hawaiian: 19
Ethnicity - Hispanic: 9,853
Median age: 30
Total occupied households: 12,151
Total owner households: 10,157
Total renter households: 1,994
Population driving to work: 15,907
Population carpooling to work: 2,517
Population working at home: 443
Education = high school graduate: 5,475
Education = some college: 6,776
Education = college associates degree: 1,811
Education = college bachelors degree: 4,545
Education = college professional certification: 178
Education level = college postgraduate degree: 1,134
Total population employed: 19,807
Total population unemployed: 1,067
Total population not in labor force: 6,370
Household income - less than $25K: 1,480
Household income - $25K to $49K: 3,302
Household income - $50K and $74K: 3,734
Household income - $75K to $99K: 2,160
Household income - $100K to $149K: 1,468
Household income - $150K to $199K: 251
Household income - over $200K: 94
Median household income: $59,198
Homes built between 1995 and 2000: 3,137
Average vehicles per household: 1.95
Homes values - $50K to $99K: 6,035
Homes values - $100K and $199K: 3,201
Homes values - $200K and $499K: 32
Homes values - over $500K: 13
Average home value: $92,435
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For the best names in shopping, dining, and entertainment, visit Katy Mills Mall.

Monday thru Saturday
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
5000 Katy Mills Circle
Katy, Texas 77494

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